This week, devastating flooding in western Europe has taken over 120 lives with hundreds more still missing. Villages in Germany and Belgium were completely submerged in water brought about by heavy rains. Over 1,000 rescue squads are currently digging through debris in efforts to salvage any remaining life. The intensity of this flooding is baffling
A Pennsylvania gym is one step closer to being covered for business interruption (BI). Brown’s Gym out of Clarks Summit, PA, filed suit against their insurer, Cincinnati Insurance Co., for not covering their business interruption brought on by COVID-19. The court has decided not to dismiss the case and will continue on to determine how
A recent hailstorm severely damaged several homes and businesses in central Iowa on Friday. Hail the size of tennis balls swept through the Des Moines metro area with many homes and businesses seeing significant damages. Entire neighborhoods are currently being assessed for potential roof replacements. No picture out there will give justice as to how
The Gulf coast is currently preparing for two storms to hit this upcoming week. WorldClaim is preparing as well, much like we have done for other natural disasters. In anticipation of the storm, WorldClaim and it’s partners are mobilizing to put personnel in the immediate area so that we can immediately assist you. WorldClaim encourages