Hurricane Ida – Houma, LA

Many areas in Louisiana are left devastated by Hurricane Ida. Houma, the largest city in Terrebonne Parish, is certainly no exception. The Category 4 hurricane swept through the area, with 150-mph-winds leaving a majority of residential and commercial properties damaged. Houma-residents were forced to flee from their homes, and their return to their properties are
A northern California town is in ruins after a devastating wildfire swept through the area last night. Downtown Greenville, monumental in the Gold Rush era, and blocks of homes are left in ashes as the state’s largest active wildfire destroyed practically the entire area. Local officials say there are “well over” 100 homes and businesses
North Carolina restaurant owners are asking the state supreme court to hear their Business Interruption cases. 16 restaurants, along with some help from the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA), are looking for coverage for their revenue losses brought about from COVID-19. This is in response to the decision made back in November of